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Convincing Reasons Why Underground Safe Rooms Are Needed

In today’s modern society, shelters such as underground safe rooms are important to have. There are many people who already have their very own shelter to keep them safe and allow them to live underground. Underground safe rooms can be just as nice, if not better, than any other room of your house. However, unlike all the other rooms you have, underground safe rooms may prove to be the best. Read on to discover why you need to consider having underground safe rooms.

Being on the ground is not going to save you from a missile attack. You need to build underground safe rooms. When the rest of your home is destroyed, only the steel underground safe rooms will be left standing. Underground safe rooms have saved the lives of many people in the past.

Underground safe rooms have special systems which filter out the radiation from the air; a thing that is key to survival during a nuclear attack. This means that none of the radiation will come in contact with you if you have underground safe rooms. You will be able to breathe the recycled air and survival.

A bomb attack is not the only time when underground safe rooms come in handy. These secret rooms can also protect you from a serious storm such as a hurricane or tornado. You do not have to worry about underground safe rooms being filled with water as long as you find a company that is skilled in building them.

A very important function of underground safe rooms is using them as storage for valuables and food supplies. In underground safe rooms supplies can be kept for a very long time. The thick concrete and the special door that is the characteristic of underground safe rooms offers superior protection from thieves and intruders.

There are many reasons why you need to take a second look at underground safe rooms and find one that is right for you. There are many homes that already come with underground safe rooms included, but you can also have one built. There are some underground safe rooms that stand alone, unattached to other buildings. You can choose the type of underground safe rooms that you feel most comfortable with.

If you have yet to provide yourself with a safe secret sanctuary where you can hide from the troubles of the world, then it is time that you start looking at underground safe rooms using your personal design. You never know when a disaster might happen. Be sure to include underground safe rooms in your preparedness plans.

4 Great Reasons Why You Need Storm Safe Rooms

When some people hear of storm safe rooms, they think that these are regular rooms of a house that have been made safer in the case of storms. To them, storm safe rooms are very similar to child safe rooms, but this is not what storm safe rooms really are. Yes, it is always a good idea to set up rooms to be safe in the event of an emergency, but storm safe rooms are specially built to offer protection from storms, they are not just normal rooms of a house. Here are four reasons why storm safe rooms should be more commonly included in the design of a house.

The most obvious reason why storm safe rooms are important is because they offer protection from storms. Whether it is a tornado, sand storm, hurricane, earthquake or other natural disaster storm safe rooms keep those inside them away from all the danger. There are some very extreme events that can put your family at risk and you never know what the weather is going to do. By choosing to include storm safe rooms in your home you are ensuring that the ones you love have shelter from what may come.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) encourages people to have storm safe rooms in their houses; especially if they live in an area that frequently has bad weather. Their research reveals that storm safe rooms can help save lives. It is important that when getting storm safe rooms you ensure that they are certified to meet the requirements that FEMA has set. Only these storm safe rooms are guaranteed to offer the protection that you need and provide your family with high tech protection.

There are two options for storm safe rooms, above ground or underground. The underground storm safe rooms are preferred over the ones on top of the ground. There are many houses that already have storm safe rooms inside of them, but the door of the room is a regular one and is not built to stand up to much stress. The door on underground storm safe rooms are much stronger because they have to stand up to direct pressure from the wind of a tornado and keep out the water of a flood.

Having storm safe rooms at home means that you do not have to travel in the midst of an emergency. When bad weather approaches FEMA may opt to open shelters within a city for the people that reside there. The only problem is that they actually have to travel through the bad weather to get to them and risk their lives in the process. Storm safe rooms built in a home allows those who live in the house to avoid such troubles. They can simply barricade themselves inside the storm safe rooms and ride out the storm.

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